About TNI What We Do

The Network provides ANYONE the opportunity to be a part of the peculiar grace at work in the LoveWorld Nation. You also get to join a team of highly motivated individuals whose passion is to fill the earth with the knowledge of God’s Word as the waters covers the sea.

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About TNI Regional Conferences

TNI regional conferences are strategic in showcasing the impact of having our message in the languages of the region and also linking the network to like-minded organizations and ministries who would like to collaborate with the network in taking the message of the gospel into every man’s world.

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About TNI Language Acquisition

This involves actively sourcing for more and more languages our materials can be available in, by actively enlisting translators, like-minded individuals, organizations, agencies, and ministries. It’s our desire to have all LoveWorld products and materials in all the active languages of the world; and we’re presently on the campaign to have Rhapsody of Realities in all the 4,731 active languages of the world.

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About TNI Translation Services

Our primary responsibility is the translation of LoveWorld products, materials and meetings into the languages people best understand; so that everyone has the opportunity to hear the message of salvation in the language of their hearts.

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Online Language Church

TNI online church platform is an opportunity of fellowship without borders. The availability of LoveWorld products and materials in so many languages have given us a unique opportunity to reach more people online, thus taking church to them in the language of their hearts.

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About TNI Missions

The Network seeks to make in-roads into every nation, city, town and village so that the saving message of the gospel of Jesus Christ reaches every one in the language of their hearts.

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Media has become a veritable tool in showcasing the impact and influence of our ministry materials around the world, with particular reference to the no. 1 daily devotional, Rhapsody of Realities.

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