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Who We Are

We are the arm of the LoveWorld Nation responsible for reaching all men in the language of their hearts because of the urgency of the times we’re in. People think in their languages, thus to communicate the liquid love of God to them, reaching them in their languages is paramount.

The Network comprises of a highly inspired team of Translators and Proofreaders, Influencers, Media Connectors, Online Activists and Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ whose passion is to reach every person on earth in the language of their hearts.

About Translators Network International (TNI)

The Translators’ Network International (TNI) is a network of Translators and inspired individuals who ensure that the works and messages of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome are available and accessible in the language best understood by people. Beyond translating, the Network strives to distribute the divine verities the gospel of Jesus offered through different platforms – and in the languages best understood by the people.

From the inception of the Rhapsody of Realities Translations with the first ever German Translation in 2002, the ‘Messenger Angel’ like a flicker of light, began the journey of touching lives, one person at a time in the language they understand best.

Thus, with a passion to reach every tribe and tongue, the Messenger Angel was translated into other languages.

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Together, we can extend the love of God to them, as we offer them the hope of a glorious tomorrow in Christ Jesus. Join us to distribute copies of Rhapsody of Realities daily devotional to Billions all around the world. Your financial support can Save A Life today.


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Rhapsody Of Realities in 8,123 Languages

Starting with one language in 2001, the Rhapsody of Realities is now in 8,123 languages and is distributed in all 242 nations and territories of the world. Now more people can hear and receive the Word of God with inspiring testimonies and miracles following, Sponsor the free distribution of the Rhapsody in Languages today!